Innovative-Diffusion; a company that borrows the sun to provide energy solutions for their partners.

Energy Surveying

Regardless of your knowledge of power supply, Innovative-Diffusion will do an on-site study to determine the exact power needed for your solar project.


Innovative-Diffusion manufacturers their own solar products and systems, which enables controlled quality and power efficiency for their partners.

Custom Designs

Regardless of the power supply, location, or uniqueness, Innovative-Diffusion will work to ensure that your solar project is completed to perfection.


Changing the world isn’t easy, yet Innovative-Diffusion strives to do so every second of every day. Throughout the world, there are people who do not have the fortunate ability to obtain accessible electricity. When there is a problem, there is a solution, and Innovative-Diffusion built it. In July of 2015, the founders of Innovative-Diffusion had a desire to be different and stay different. The company formed a powerful, passionate team and began a much needed movement to illuminate the unfortunate people left in the dark.

Our Team


Most Recently, Innovative-Diffusion have been providing solar energy solutions in the Sub-Saharan region of Africa. During 2016, the team made a trip to the Ivory Coast and to Togo. Within the trip to the Ivory Coast, the team took energy requirements for a refrigeration system that holds freshly caught fish awaiting exportation. In addition, the team met with a doctor in dire need of accessible electricity during the hours of operation in his health center. Also, the team met with many contractors who were interested in solar street lights and sustainable solar housing. In Togo, the team did various installations within villages, small homes, and a school. Thankfully, the Togolese community can now have a brighter life. The team looks forward to their 2017 trips to Kenya and Nepal.

Working with Innovative-Diffusion has been wonderful. Changing the lives of people all over the world has been a dream come true!

Rajasekhar Reddy Mudela – Innovative-Diffusion, USA

Innovative-Diffusion, LLC is a life changing organization and I am truly blessed to be apart of this company. I look forward to the upcoming projects that awaits between Innovative-Diffusion and myself.

Dr. Mehmet Cihan – Mergers and Acquisition Expert

This company has enabled me to have steady work within my country of Togo. By completing system installations in villages, schools, and small homes, I am now able to make a difference in my community and earn money.

Roger Sama – Innovative-Diffusion, Togo

This solar product is exceeding ambitious. It is reliable and very easy to operate. This product works wonders! There is nothing remotely comparable to it in terms of portability, enormous power, and value. I can envision every household having one, especially within my home country of Nigeria.

Dr. Olusegun Sogunro – Supporter

Innovative-Diffusion’s products are giving children electricity in our Haitian village. Keep up the mind-blowing work!

Hakan Gok – Embrace Relief Foundation

Innovative Diffusion is an exciting new company to be affiliated with. This company has its eyes on the future and speak the language that those of us who work in the job creation sector like to hear. The growth of Innovative Diffusion is an opportunity for so many people to have a second chance at living a healthy, productive life, locally and around the world

Kathleen Krider – Access Community Action Agency

Innovative-Diffusion continues to be a powerful tool to achieving accessible electricity within the country of Togo. I am proud to have them as a partner.

Zato Kadambaya – Africaphilantropies, Inc.

With electricity rates rising in the Ivory Coast, Innovative-Diffusion’s products are the solution to the energy uncertainty within the country. Great products, people, and mission!

George Kingsley – Kings Solar

In 2016, Innovative-Diffusion was highlighted in the Hartford Courant, Ecopreneurist, University Herald, National Science Foundation, The University of Connecticut & Green Energy News due to their unique energy approach and relentless passion for CHANGE. They have also been highlighted in newspapers within the countries of Togo and France due to their most recent energy projects. You can read their most recent article, published by the Hartford Courant by clicking the button!