15 - 30 watt
30 - 100 watt
100 - 320 watt
320 + watt

We love the art of energy creation.

Innovative-Diffusion's passion is listening to clients ideas, thinking through solutions and coming up with effective solar systems. All of the products are built and tested within their facility, located in Willimantic, Connecticut. All of the components are UL approved and built to outlast the region's weather conditions; including, humidity, extreme heat, and rain. Each of their products can be uniquely adjusted for their partners ideal project due to various power requirements, project location, or budget. Once a partnership is established, they will work with you every step of the way; including, on-site power surveying, system research, system implementation, system education, and if needed, system installation.

We love the art of economic creation.

When partnering with Innovative-Diffusion, governments and distributors are given the opportunity to bring economic development to their region, country, or community. Through system installation's and maintenance, governments and distributors can help boost the local economy by giving people jobs to do such installation and maintenance tasks. With a boost in employment, a healthy, economic eco-system is created. With this model, the governments and distributors work very closely with Innovative-Diffusion's business team to create and implement the long term solar, job creation strategy.

We love the art of brand creation.

As a corporation, you strive to maintain a balance between your business mission and social impact. Partnering with Innovative-Diffusion would perfect this balance, as you would engage in projects that involve creating energy for people who live in the dark. By benefiting from tax exemptions and global brand awareness, your company will rise to the occasion and enable you to be more powerful. Just think, what would your customers, employees or press platforms think about your work with Innovative-Diffusion?
Solutions for villages.

Add our solar solutions to a villiage that does not have electricity or endures unstable electricity.

Solutions for health centers.

Add our solar solutions to health centers and ensure cold medicine and operating equipment.

Solutions for schools.

Add our solar solutions to schools that need accesible lighting, refridgeration, or a desire to engage in technology.

Solutions for orphanages.

Add our solutions to keep children warm and safe in dangerous enviornments.

Solutions for street lights.

Add our solar solutions to keep roads, school yards, and villiages safe at night.

Solutions for refridgeration.

Add our solar solutions to keep food, medicine, and water cold.

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