Recent Projects

  • Surveyed a solar refrigeration system for imported fish in the Ivory Coast so businesses can re-sell the freshly caught fish to the community.
  • Solar energy system installation for an ORPHANAGE in Haiti so children can read at night.
  • Solar energy system installation for a VILLAGE in Togo so families can be happier, together.
  • Solar energy system installation for a HEALTH CENTER in the Ivory Coast so patients can be treated, safely.
  • Solar energy system installation for a SCHOOL in Ghana so children can experience technology.
  • Solar energy system installation for SMALL HOMES in Togo so the citizens can be in control of their energy costs.

Most Popular Projects



In 2016, Innovative-Diffusion brought their solutions to Togo, the Ivory Coast, Nepal, and Haiti and executed projects. The projects included; solar lighting in villages, homes, orphanages, and schools. In addition, the team expanded with a Sub-Saharan HQ in Togo, where there will be a team to complete installations and maintenance.


In 2016, Innovative-Diffusion partnered with distributors in the Ivory Coast and Ghana, as they continue their expansion into the Sub-Saharan. The distributors primary focus is to bring Innovative-Diffusion's products to regions of the country that live without accessible electricity. To become a distributor, contact us.


In 2016, Innovative-Diffusion gained more global partners who share their energy mission. Moving forward, Innovative-Diffusion will continue to partner with non-profit organizations, Governments, distributors and corporations. Power and change is executed through partnerships. To become a partner, contact us.


Innovative-Diffusion has began a campaign to enable villages in Africa to embrace accessible electricity. With the money raised, Innovative-Diffusion will build and install the systems for the community in the village. With the help of Innovative-Diffusion's non-profit African partners, the systems will be carefully placed in villages that are in desperate need of electricity. For more information regarding the on-going campaign, please click the button!