In the fall of 2015 an inexpensive, self-sustainable, and technological advanced product was developed and soon introduced to the market. Innovative-Diffusion aimed at selling these products to ethical non-profit organizations due to their synergistic desire to change the world. Innovative-Diffusion had a desire to not only sell their products to these organizations but become part of their social mission and become rooted within their vision. As Innovative-Diffusion moves forward and the inaccessible electricity stays stagnant, they understand the problem, and intend to fix it. Innovative-Diffusion continues to leap walls, grind through barriers and silent the constant doubts among society by staying different. The mission is to change the world and give accessible electricity to every child, parent, family, and student. It seems like an overwhelming task, but at Innovative Diffusion, they don’t just dream, they execute.


Innovative-Diffusion strives to deliver value to their partners in relation to sustainable energy based projects. The team is passionate about their partners’ success in regards to their specific needs and requirements. They intend to engage with like-minded, driven, environmentally friendly business partners who also strive to think differently about energy solutions.

Code of Ethics

Innovative-Diffusion will not share any of their client/partnering company’s data and personal information. No partner will go unsatisfied doing business with Innovative-Diffusion. Any conflict of interest issues can be resolved and tailored to their client’s satisfaction by mutual agreement upon request. They understand and respect their client’s cultural backgrounds, languages, and differences. Innovative-Diffusion prohibits discrimination against its customers, employees, and applicants for employment on the bases of race, color, national origin, age, disability, sex, gender identity, religion, reprisal, and where applicable, political beliefs, marital status, familial or parental status, sexual orientation.

Benjamin Williams

Benjamin is a founder and CEO of Innovative-Diffusion, LLC. He has an undergraduate degree in Business Information Systems and an MBA in Strategic Management from the University of Connecticut. Currently, Benjamin is studying at New York University and completing a Masters in  Management of Technology and Innovation. His professional experience stems from previous successful start-ups and looks forward to this challenging position of bringing electricity to those in need.

David Oyanadel

David is a founder and CTO of Innovative-Diffusion, LLC. He is currently pursuing an EMBA from the University of Connecticut. His innovative passion lives deep within as he develops new products to change the world. His technical background and creative mind synergistically unites to find product based solutions to the ever increasing inaccessible electricity problems. Moving forward, David and his team are building and testing products that will be available to the partners of Innovative-Diffusion in the summer of 2016.

Howard Pitkin

Howard is the advisory chair for the company. Howard has been with the State of Connecticut Department of Banking for 40 years. His most recent position as the Commissioner of Banking for the State of Connecticut has given him unique experience and tools that he graciously passes down to Innovative-Diffusion, LLC. Howard brings wisdom that is critical to the development and long term growth of Innovative-Diffusion, LLC.  Howard’s strong roots within Innovative-Diffusion has propelled the company’s success.

Jake Friedman

Jake is the technical advisor for the company. Jake’s experience as a engineer and project developer in the field of distributed energy generation gives influential advice in current and future product development which will keep Innovative-Diffusion innovative and different. As a University of Connecticut MBA alumni, Jake is proud to give back to a CT based company with a strong social mission. Jake is a critical and influential piece to the Innovative-Diffusion puzzle.