15 watt cold system

This system can be used as a mobile or permanent solution for patients who need to store their medicine in a cool place, regardless of accessible electricity. This unit contains a user friendly on and off switch with an accessible traveling handle. Complete independence from the GRID is essential when it comes to someone’s health and keeping medicine cool for safe use. This is an ideal product for health centers, villages, schools, and refugee centers who do not have accessible electricity. This unit comes assembled and ready for use upon arrival.

15 watt light system

This systems primary purpose is to enable a user the ability to have a permanent, non-mobile, lighting solution with the ability to charge their cell phone, GPS, radio, and most laptops. The technological components are within a unique molded plastic non-flammable box for superior user safety. Within the unit there is a charging window to give the user the ability to see when the product is charging efficiently from the solar rays. The unit does come assembled and ready to use upon arrival. The unit contains an on and off switch to give the user ultimate control and the ability to mount the LED lights based on their specific needs. This product is ideal for orphanages, small homes, and villages who desire essential lighting for everyday use.

Custom Built Systems

A custom built system is used for bigger applications and for users who want a non-mobile energy solution. A system can be built to electrify a complete structure, containing all of its active energy applications. A complete system for a school, orphanage, home, or refugee camp. All of the components within this system are UL approved and designed for constant , everyday use. This system does not come assembled, but does come with an instruction guide and support from the Innovative-Diffusion team in regards to installation and maintenance. Regardless of the power requirements or the location of the project, Innovative-Diffusion will complete it to perfection.



Guarenteed 1 year warranty for any Innovative-Diffusion product.


All of the electrical components are built within a non-flammable, molded plastic box.


All of the components within each system are UL approved and tested relentlessly.

Product Life

Each product has a life expectancy of about 5 years.

Custom Applications

Systems can be built for a unique project to match your energy requirements.


Innovative-Diffusion guarantees satisfaction and will turn any problem into a solution.